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Sanjay Gandhi Wildlife Attraction: Lion and Tiger Safaris

One can enjoy both lion and tiger safari at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Lion safari is the main attraction of the park which has been drawing people to the park right through the park's early days. Tiger safari is recently introduced in the park. The lion safari is done on a 12-hectare area, while tiger safari on 20 hectares.
There are about 25 lions in the park in respective enclosures. There are special buses provided by the park authorities for lion safari. The park area is spread with thick forest and trees like Teak, Bamboo, Ain, Khair, Kusum etc which constitute an ideal habitat for tigers. The land of 20 hectares for the tigers is provided with a 5-meter high and 2,200 meter long protective fencing. The tigers have a special cage/shelter for having their meals and sleeping at night. Two watch towers have been provided for the safety of the tourists. Both the lion safari and tiger safari offer a opportunity to the visitors to see and understand the two majestic animals.
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