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Sanjay Gandhi Flora & Fauna

The Park is a tree lovers delight in all seasons. The forest cover in the park can be divided into two main categories i.e. South Indian moist deciduous and Semi Evergreen. These two types can be further divided into four subcategories and they are moist teak-bearing forest, mangrove scrub, southern moist mixed deciduous forest, and western subtropical hill forest. The region has good biodiversity and major trees and plants include kadamba, teak, karanj, shisam, and species of acacia, ziziphus, euphorbia, flame of the forest, red silk cotton and many more varieties of flowers. Almost the entire park is awashed with the rainbow hues of the flowers that bloom here, during the monsoon season.
The park is known to shelter wildlife right from the time of modernization of the Mumbai city. One can have encounters with several of the species which include spotted deer, black naped hare, barking deer, porcupine, palm civet, mouse deer, rhesus macaque, bounet macaque, Hanuman langur, Indian flying fox, and sambhar,leopards etc. One can see crocodiles in the Tulsi Lake, and pythons, cobras, monitor lizards, Russell's viper, bamboo pit viper and Ceylonese cat snake here. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park is mainly known for its diverse types of birds. It is a paradise for the bird watchers.
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